Raohe St night market entrance

My camera battery died on the way from Taipei 101 to the bookstore. I picked up a couple of Taiwanese cookbooks in English (well, Chinese and English), and we went back to the apartment for a little bit of rest. I put a bit of a charge on the camera battery while we were there.

Raohe St night market stores

The rest of the evening was spent in the Raohe St. night market. The entrance is across the street and a little down from the apartment. We spent a little bit of time there the first night in Taipei, but we were really only there long enough to get a couple of things to eat. This would be my first real night market experience.

Shrimp at the night market

I passed by this shrimp because I was looking for something else. Note the fresh snails (in two different sizes, or are the small ones whelks?). I'm not sure you can get non-canned snails in France. Perhaps I should have tried some.

Night market cheese

Something I did not expect to find in a Taipei night market was fried cheese. I was not surprised, however, that Liz bought the "Cheeses of the World" selection. It was actually pretty good.

That electrical connection's safe, right?

While some of us were shopping and others looking for food, Julia stopped for a massage. This electrical mess was above the massage setup. I wonder if that's up to code.

Night market offal

A stand of offal. I did not partake because I was already told Ray would take me to get the best chicken feet at the night market in Tainan. But that would be several days later.