As is inevitable, I have fallen behind in posting. Work stress has hit real life stress and the result isn't pretty. My brain has decided it doesn't want to work properly all the time. Last night, I drove to the wrong cinema. Luckily, it wasn't too far from the proper one and we made it to the film (Coraline, very good) during the previews. I have also been unable to get it together to make a bunch of posts that I want to. Who knew that keeping peoples' spirits up took so much out of a person. But there you are, then.

So, to anyone waiting for me to post proper concert reviews, more food stuff or my backlog of pictures and travel stuff (all two of you), patience please and I'll have some more posts soon. In the meantime, I will console myself following the Panthers 4-0 loss to Chicago by reading Calvin and Hobbes and listening to Scorn.