Traffic in Taipei

The morning after our night market visit would be our last in Taipei. Kathryn and Mike went off to see some more of the area around our hotel and Julia went to meet some of her arriving family members. I sat around and didn't do much. We had originally planned to go to a hotpot place for lunch, but their menu didn't work with Julia's temporary Buddhist vegetarian diet, so we ended up at a more traditional restaurant. Entirely too much food was ordered. I think Liz has pictures on her camera from the meal. I did not get any.

Zen Garden 1

Following lunch, we stopped at a shopping mall with a zen garden inside. These are apparently somewhat common.

Zen Garden 2

View from the window

A look at the street below.

Zen Garden 3

Zen Garden 4

Chinese restaurant sign

A Chinese restaurant on the next level down. I find it surprising that they felt the need to point out that it is a Chinese restaurant.