This is the part of the trip where I have very few pictures. I have more film pics than cellphone pics, but overall I didn't get as much as I would have liked. Truth be told, I was really tired and having trouble sleeping while we were in L.A. and we were really busy with wedding stuff. But first thing Sunday, I was off at the car wash scrubbing the filth and bugs off the car and vacuuming all the food and crud out of the carpets. It took longer than I expected and I had to dash back to the hotel. I dropped the car at the valet and told them to leave it out because I'd be right back. Fifteen minutes later, I was back fully showered and in a suit. I got to the cathedral just before the ceremony began.

Speaking of the wedding, I don't have much to say except it was a wedding and the cathedral is a really neat building. I'm just sorry I didn't get to see the priest so I could tell him he has a very impressive organ.

After the wedding, there was a rogue group set on getting food at In-N-Out Burger. They had wanted to try them in Vegas when we were all there for our wedding, but they hadn't made it. Most of them hadn't eaten yet, even though it after noon. I had grabbed some coffee and a muffin on my way to decorate the reception site at 9:00 AM, but I think I was alone. I got the directions and we caravaned over to the In-N-Out Burger on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. I felt a little weird standing in a fast food place in a suit, but what the hell, right? The food was pretty good for fast food and it was fairly cheap. I recommend it if one is out in CA and in need of a quick meal.

Following the In-N-Out Burger extravaganza was the wedding reception and after party at the Golden Gopher. We had some friends in L.A. unconnected with the wedding to see and we arranged to meet them at the after party. The Gopher is apparently owned by the same people as 7 Grand. The room is nice, with some nice seating spaces and a great jukebox. The box was kicking out random tunes when we first got there. We had the place to ourselves as it had just opened. Slowly the wedding group arrived and someone played something less than stellar on the jukebox, whereupon Zach took it on himself to put in a dollar and play some DEVO. I followed up with a five and programmed in a good 90 minutes or so of punk rock and rock & roll. By the time the hour was up most of the wedding crowd had bailed and the place had packed up and gotten incredibly noisy. We took off for somewhere quieter, which turned out to be the local IHOP.

Another hour later, we headed back to the hotel to find that our room had begun to smell like mildew. It was too much to take, so Liz called the front desk and got us another room and we packed up to move. It was about 1:30 AM. We managed to get the room moved in under a half hour and collapsed.