I discussed food options with one of the people at the Golden Gopher, and I wrote a few of her recommendations down so I would remember them. Not so the Japanese place she recommended in Little Tokyo. So, we headed out to Little Tokyo with a half-remembered name and no address. After wandering around Little Tokyo for half an hour, we picked a place that was open. That place was EBISU.

The main reason I wanted to get sushi in California was because I was hoping for dishes we don't get on the east coast. In this sense, the appetizer section of the menu did not disappoint. Unfortunately, the sushi page was nothing special, but I still found things to order.

Baby octopus and kimchee were the first appetizers to arrive. The octopus were in a pungent sauce. They were a bit on the rubbery side, but still texturally interesting. Kimchee was decent, though not as good as the Korean places back in Syracuse.

Next up was the Spicy Tuna Chips, a spicy tuna preparation on tortilla chips. These were quite good. Imagine a spicy tuna roll on a chip. Not quite Tuna Foie Gras, but interesting nonetheless.

My sushi entree was the rainbow roll. This was good, but not thrilling. It looked nice and the fish wasn't bad. But it was not particularly exciting. It was a kind of typical fish overload. I would have preferred a more interesting combination of tastes, but the sushi menu was more geared towards the pretty.

Not knowing what else is available and having not been overwhelmed by the menu, service (a bit slow) or food, I would recommend finding someone else's recommendation for L.A. sushi.