Our first day in Los Angeles was spent sleeping in incredibly late. I didn't get in until after 3:00 AM and Liz came in a couple of hours after. I had noticed when I got in that the floor on the far side of the room was wet. I was too tired to deal with it and crashed. When I got up, I noticed that the floor was soaked for about three feet around the air conditioning vent. This included the entire far side between the bed and the wall, and from the end of the bed past the table on the other edge of the room for about half the width of the bed. The comforter had gotten knocked partially off the bed and become thoroughly soaked. We stopped at the front desk and asked for it to be cleaned.

So, instead of getting out early and doing some exploring and running some errands, we found ourselves looking for breakfast around 1:00 in the afternoon. We eventually found a deli in the underground shopping center across the street where we got a couple of sandwiches. The next order of business was finding an internet connection. The hotel wanted $12.95 per computer per day for wireless access, and we weren't having any of it. Fortunately for us, our hotel is across the street from the Los Angeles Central Library, where we were able to take advantage of a free wireless connection. We got caught up on email and found directions to a few places we wanted to check out later in the weekend, and then Liz had to be at the wedding rehearsal.

I got the car out of the valet garage (grumble), dropped Liz off at the cathedral and went looking for a car wash. Naturally, I got stuck in traffic, but I did eventually find a car wash on the edge of Koreatown. By that time, though, I needed to be at the rehearsal dinner, so I headed back downtown to Blossom. Blossom is a small Vietnamese restaurant on Main St. It was a bit small for the crowd, but the food was quite good.

After dinner, we headed back to hotel, as everyone was pretty well beat. However, a group of us decided to meet up for dessert and drinks down in the hotel bar. We were the second group of two to show up downstairs. We perused the menus for a bit, then a waitress came by and asked if our whole group was there yet. Rani started to answer "no, but we'd like to order anyway," but the woman had walked away. A few minutes later the rest of the group turned up, but the waitstaff completely ignored us until we left about a 40 minutes later. I'm not quite sure why they would let a table be taken up for an hour and not get an order out of the six people sitting there. It did nothing to endear us to the hotel.