Our last full day in Los Angeles we woke up in a new room. The new room was nicer than the old room and it didn't reek, which was a plus. We got up relatively early and headed off to the Tiara Cafe for the post-wedding brunch. The Tiara Cafe is a small restaurant featuring locally sourced, organic food. My review is mixed. I was disappointed to note that the prix fixe menu prominently featured eggs, which I do not eat. As the groom doesn't either, I was surprised. It seemed like there was enough other stuff, though.

The problem was the service. Dishes were served in courses, but the courses were all served at different times to people at the same table, and in different orders. We had to wait for a half hour after being served our first course to get the second. People who came in were served theirs not only before us but before a group who were there longer than we were. Some tables had half the people served while the other half watched them eat for twenty minutes. Someone gave our table's meat plate to another table because we felt bad that they had to wait even longer than we did to get all of their food. Some people gave up and left to catch planes. And then they screwed up the billing. In short, I don't think these people have any idea how to cater a group function, so they really shouldn't.

The food, however, was very good. The berries and cream parfait was excellent. Everything else was quite good, and we loved the small organic food shop on the other side of the restaurant (which was, unfortunately, closed that morning). I imagine that Tiara Cafe is a good place for a nice leisurely brunch or Sunday dinner, but the group brunch was disappointing.

We left brunch and went to the open house for a short time and then ran off to try to cram all of our missed Friday sightseeing and errands. The short version is: we spent too long and too much money at Amoeba Records, I went to three camera shops to find a lens cap, we tried unsuccessfully for two hours to find a place to take a picture of the car with the Hollywood sign in the background and we waited far too long to eat.

After our dinner at EBISU, we went out to Santa Monica to visit again with a friend out there. We walked out to the pier and played video games. I hit the wall right after a game of Ms. Pac-Man and felt like I was going to collapse from exhaustion, so I went out and leaned on the fence looking at the Pacific in the dark until everyone was ready to leave.