Now I know where to go when I want to feel young. Millie's is a fancy little breakfast/lunch place in a part of Tuscon we hadn't explored yet. So, I managed to get us almost completely lost trying to find it. Luckily we were driving around the hills only a half-mile or so from where we were supposed to be, so once we looked at the map, we found it quickly.

Millie's is one of those fancy places that grandparents like. The decor is very old-fashioned and most of the other diners were dressed up. Not us, we had to drive to San Diego. Liz ordered the regular pancakes and, acting on a tip from Roadfood, I had the Swedish pancakes. The Swedish pancakes, actually, is why we were there. I wanted to try them. And, I have to say, they did not disappoint. They were light, fluffy folded thin pancakes that seemed more like crepes, covered in a thick lingonberry sauce. Excellent and highly recommended. Liz's "short stack" of two enormous pancakes, on the other hand, were not nearly so good. Not that they were bad, but as far as I'm concerned, any place with "pancakes" in the name should have awesome pancakes. And, I've certainly had better (Sweet Sue's in Phoenicia, NY comes to mind). Service was good, and they had a lovely display of Frankenstein toys in a case next to our table. If you're in Tucson, I recommend hitting Millie's for the Swedish pancakes.