I am now several days behind for a couple of reasons. No, not because I was too busy having fun. I was busy with wedding events, but the main thing is the hotel. We stayed at the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles. Unfortunately, our stay was not particularly pleasant. It wasn't just the enforced valet parking, the $12.95 per computer per day internet access charge, the fact that they wouldn't let us carry our own bags up to our room or that they wouldn't serve a group of six in the hotel lobby bar. It wasn't even that our room flooded, and then started to reek as it dried. It was all of this. And the short of it is that we didn't have internet access. We did go across the street to the Los Angeles Central Library to use their wifi, but we weren't there long enough for me to post anything.

We are currently in Williams, AZ in a little coffee shop. I would post more, but the lighting is looking good again and so I want to get outside and take more pictures.