Tuesday night I spent some time arranging the scratch tracks I put down on Monday. I cut and pasted the most accurate performances of each part, then looped them and arranged them with the click track. I cut the seven songs I had started down to six when I started recording. I worked on five of the six, as one of them needs more writing. The arrangements are all tentative. I'll keep working them out as I go.

Wednesday, I set up the drums and played through all of the five tracks and worked out drum parts I like for most of them. There are two that still need work. One more than the other. As I expected, I noticed some issues with some of my arrangements when I was working through the drum parts. I haven't decided what I'm working on the Thursday night. It may be re-working the arrangements, or I might go buy drum heads and change them and work on the arrangements Friday before I start recording the drums.

Friday I will change the drum heads if I haven't yet, mic everything up and then start laying down drums on the tracks I have ready. I will also work on arrangements and maybe some new songs in between drum takes.

Saturday will likely be more of the same.