I finally got back to work today. The parts for my guitar showed up in the mail today, so I started off with some bass tracks. I played around and found some tempos, then put the bass parts I have for two songs down with a click. I didn't do the third because I decided I don't like it.

Then I grabbed my guitar, and pulled the bridge out and tore it apart and cleaned it up some while watching the third period of the Sharks-Leafs game. I installed the new string hooks, springs and screws then put it back together. I put the strings back on, tuned it up, adjusted the tension, tuned it again and it's playing better than ever. The springs have been worn for a while. Several years ago I cranked the tension all the way up to compensate, but it would lose pitch if I bent a string. Also, I've known those string hooks were wearing and I think I was having some trouble keeping in tune because they were shifting. No more.

After fixing the guitar, I went back and put down the guitar parts I have for four songs. One of them definitely needs something else, but I have a start.

Tomorrow night I'll start arranging them via some cut and paste. I'll look to add parts to a couple of them and maybe come up with some more new stuff. If not and I lose inspiration early, I'll finish rewiring the recording setup. I found the rest of the cables and such that were missing. I was planning on doing drum tracks all week, but it looks like Wednesday I'll set the drums up and play for a bit. I probably will put some tracks down on Friday.