We sat around most of the morning eating breakfast and drinking tea. We finally left around 1:00. We spent the day wandering around near the train station, looking at electronics, with a break in a coffee house. Later, we rode the MRT to the Breeze shopping center and went to Muji and Tokyo Hands, where Liz bought little containers and weird things.

They tell me that people in Taipei eat hamburgers for breakfast. This one came from the place downstairs (I forget the name). It was a peppered pork cutlet. Next to it are radish cakes.

Wine store
The food court in the train station is enormous and also boasts a wine store featuring the entire 2008 Wine Spectator Top 100 in their front window. We walked through but didn't eat there. A couple of hours later, we ate lunch at the food court in the department store across the street.

Pork Noodles
I had a bowl of noodles, which was quite good but not as good as the beef noodle from across the street.

You can tell rush hour, because not only does the traffic get insane, but the police appear to direct the traffic.

Breeze shopping center

By the time we got to the Breeze, my insides were tearing themselves apart, probably from the airline food consumed the previous day. Eventually nausea subsided to hunger, but they were still fighting it out when we went to the food court. I ended up ordering the same fish katsu sandwich Liz did.

It had too much of the mayonnaise on it, but was otherwise ok. Not a stellar dinner, but it settled my system down and I felt much better the rest of the evening.

Raohe St. Night Market Entrance
We took the MRT back to our general area and walked back to our place on BaDe Rd. By the time we returned, the night market was in full swing.

Scooters, BaDe Rd, Taipei

I picked up a can of Kirin's winter beer (and an enormous bottle of water) at the 7-11. The can looks nice, but I can't recommend the beer. It tastes a little too much like Genesee for my liking.

We finally crashed pretty late after sitting up researching all of the gadgets we were looking at all day. Liz found some nice-looking cameras, but wanted to actually read reviews before buying anything. I forgot to check the going exchange rates before we left, and had to make sure my calculations were correct. So, today we will likely be off to buy photo gear. I anticipate starting at the Kuanghwa market. If the deals aren't as good as what we found yesterday, then we'll probably be back at the Nova and the camera area by the main station. By that time, Julia will probably be back from Tainan. I don't know what we'll do then. There was talk of going to Tienmou.

I wonder what's for lunch.