View from our apartment, Taipei
We were slow to get around on Saturday. We spent the morning eating the remainder of the bread that Julia left and drinking Dr. Brown Coffee and milk tea that I bought at the Family Mart down the street.

Breakfast of Champions
Eventually we got it together and walked to the MRT station to check out the computer market there. As we're not really looking for computer parts, there wasn't a whole lot there. There are some other electronics, but not nearly as much as the NOVA tower.

We were starving and wandered by a bunch of small restaurants. Eventually, Liz decided we needed to get red bean paste cakes from a cart. Brilliant! While we were waiting, another vendor walked by with what looked like corn dogs. Liz dared me to eat one. I didn't feel like dealing with interrupting the guy's cell phone conversation, but Liz said she'd buy it if I ate it, so she did. And... it was a corn dog. Not a bad one, either. After that, we wandered through the vegetable market across the street before making our way to the train station for lunch, and to meet Julia and Ray.

Basketball sneakers, anyone?

Lunch was from the food court at the station. I ordered Szechuan beef with noodles. It also came with some seaweed soup, tofu and bitter melon (I think that's what it was). It was very good. It was in a broth rather than in a sauce as you usually see in the States.

Szechuan Beef

Liz ordered pho from a Vietnamese place.