Night market, Taipei, Taiwan
After arriving at the apartment where we're staying in Taipei, Julia took us to the closest night market to get something to eat. We walked through an alley across the street to get there. It reminds me of some of the street markets in London. As it was a weeknight, some of the stands were closing when we arrived around 11:30 (23:30 to you 24-hour clock types). The first place we stopped sold spicy fried chicken. I'm not sure what it was called, but it was basically popcorn chicken tossed in a chili spice mixture.

Okonomiyaki stand, Taipei, Taiwan
We stopped at this Okonomiyaki stand for Okonomiyaki. It was pretty good. I'm not sure what all was in it besides tuna and shaved fish.


We walked around a little more, but we were tired and everything was closing. We were cutting through a noodle shop to go back to the apartment and I mentioned I was still hungry. So, we stopped in the shop and Julia ordered us a bowl of beef noodle and spicy wontons. Both were excellent.

Beef Noodle

The noodles were a bit slippery. I had some chopstick issues, but they were thick and chewy. Easily the best Chinese noodles I've had. The broth was flavorful with a hint of chili. The spicy wontons were regular wontons in a spicy sauce. They were very good, but allegedly in a couple days we will be going for the best ones in town.