As always, I am behind posting. I put some photos from the Miami Book Fair last weekend on flickr, but I haven't posted here yet. Similarly, I will attempt to upload photos as I take them on the trip to Taiwan. I'll upload them to flickr and then post here as I have time and internet connection to do so.

Yesterday was the big plane trip to Taipei. This is my first trans-Pacific flight. My previous longest plane trip was the flight to Budapest earlier this year. That was two legs: Fort Lauderdale to New York, then New York to Budapest. This was three legs: Fort Lauderdale to Detroit, Detroit to Tokyo, Tokyo to Taipei. It could have been worse, but it would have been nice had my seat not been broken on the long flight.

This was in the airport in Tokyo. I don't think I've ever seen one of these at home. I can certainly think of a few times I've been down the pub and could have used this.

Instructions for the automatic faucet in the airport, in case you had trouble figuring it out.