We arrived in Zagreb around 10:00 and set out immediately for the hostel. We had to take the tram all the way across town to the edge of the suburbs. There is a chocolate factory on the corner by the tram station, and one can smell it throughout the neighborhood. We trekked to the hostel, checked in, got directions to an all night gas station with food and set out. I got my first (and only) Yugo sighting behind the gas station. I also had my first taste of the pepperoni sandwiches they sell in all the convenience stores. I would be eating them for the remainder of our stay in Croatia.

The next morning, we set out to explore Zagreb proper, starting with the neighborhood around the hostel, as we heard there was a good restaurant down the street.


Apartment building.

TRG Ban Josip Jelacic.

Remains of the market, TRG Ban Josip Jelacic. This is right down the plaza from the Rubelj Grill, where we ended up eating excellent pizza some five hours later. (No my color-correction skills did not suddenly massively improve. The next two rolls are slide.)