One day in Zagreb was quite enough for just about everyone. However, we had no plan and about six days left before we had to be back in Budapest. We had pretty much ruled out Dubrovnik at this point as it was too far. A couple of Australians we met at the train station the night we arrived in Zagreb were on their way to a national park they had heard about. James had seen something about it somewhere else and insisted we go check it out. So, he and Timika figured out how to get out there, booked us a couple of cabins and we headed to the bus station. The bus trip was about three or four hours driving into nothing. We didn't realize the cabins were a couple of kilometers from the park entrance and inadvertently missed our stop. Eventually, we were able to catch a bus back a stop to Camp "Korana," which we decide meant cat, since there were so many feral cats about the place.

Dinner came in the form of the "party mix," a selection of meats in a package, chips, cheese, crackers and loads of beer, all procured from the general store. We spent the evening playing cards with some Finnish guys and making plans for the next morning.