The serious lack of sleep finally caught up with me in Williams, AZ. We had arranged to meet Liz's cousin for breakfast at 7:00 AM, as she had to be back in Prescott at 9:00. I was driving until 3:00 AM and in no shape to move at 6:00. I felt like I was going to be seriously ill, and so went back to sleep while Liz went to breakfast. I was disappointed as I both wanted to visit and try out the restaurant, Old Smokey's. I slept until almost an hour past checkout while Liz did our laundry. Since we were doing our laundry, the motel let us stay a little over. I was very happy about that, as I desperately needed the sleep.

Lunch was a muffin and some coffee in a little coffee house down Route 66 that had free wireless. I took a bunch of pictures after and we headed off to the Canyon that is Grand.