Tonight was the Panthers' Season Ticket Holder team signing, so I went to that right after work, followed up by dinner at Stevie B's in Weston. After we got home, I unpacked my new, dirt cheap SX bass, which arrived this afternoon. I sat down with it in the living room and checked it out. It plays reasonably well. There's some buzz, but some of it is probably easily fixable. It's a "vintage" jazz bass, with the old neck style that's really narrow at the nut. It's a little weird as I'm more used to playing metal basses or 90s Jazz basses, but I think it will do the trick. I came up with the basis of three songs, so even though it was only an hour's work tonight, I think it was a good hour. I'm too tired for much else this evening, so it's off to bed to read for a while. Tomorrow I'll work on a couple more new things and maybe revisit the first couple nights worth of stuff. Then Friday's a night off for the Calgary game. On Saturday I'll start getting some rough tracks down.