I had been fully intending to post a number of year-end wrap-up type posts this week, in between getting things done around the house and taking in Phish's New Year's run in Miami. Unfortunately, someone broke into our house and stole a bunch of stuff while we were at the second show. So, that wrecked our week. We went to the rest of the shows, but everything else that had been on the schedule got bumped in favor of window repair, serial number searching and other such tasks.

We strapped together a setup to watch the NHL Winter Classic today sans television and while it's on I'm getting caught up on the posts I was planning for the previous week. I'll be scheduling posts all day for the rest of the week. The first one will go out tonight. I will also be moving the site to a new domain and platform in the next week or two. Coming up first: my goals for the year, followed up by show reviews from this week and a year-end music wrap-up.