Our objective the following day was to see a bit of Buda. We didn't have nearly enough time to see much of it, but we wanted to at least see a couple of things. First, we needed to visit Keleti pályaudvar to buy train tickets for our Monday trip to Tokaj. We had a bit of trouble finding anyone who spoke English at the station on a Sunday, but eventually we were able to find the train we needed on schedule, find our way to the right window and buy the tickets in very broken Hungarian.

Arena Plaza is around the corner from the train station. We went in search of an open Tesco, but alas it was a national holiday and most of the Plaza was closed. It is, however, very important that one not take pictures of the plaza. I took this picture from the street and then a few minutes later whilst I was taking a picture of the back of the train station across the street, an Arena Plaza security guard yelled at me in German and said I couldn't take pictures.

Following our Tesco misadventure, we hopped back on the Metro and rode across the river to Buda. This is the not-quite-the-postcard shot of the Parliament building, complete with scaffolding on the south side.