In which I attempt to get back on track uploading photos from our spring trip to Eastern Europe, before our fall trip to Taiwan.

All photos as per previous posts (Pentax K-1000, Pentax A 35-70/4 lens, Kodak Ultra Color 400 film).

Beyond Heroes Square is City Park. We spent several hours wandering through the park. As in other parts of Budapest, there is a great deal of graffiti in the park. Taggers hit the statue of composer Posa Laios, located near the transport musem.

We didn't have time to visit the transport museum, but they have a several outdoor exhibits, including these bits of farm machinery.

Cafe Waggon, next to the transport museum. While I was taking pictures of the machinery outside the transport museum, my traveling companions located the Cafe and ordered drinks. I found them half a beer later and we proceeded to spend an hour or so drinking Staropramen (or was is Soproni?)

After our time at the cafe, we walked over to the hot springs, which were closing for the day. We were all dead tired, and so headed to the yellow line station to ride back to the Red Bus.