It's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting in an internet café in Budapest. Flyers are down 1-0, One of our two missing bags has turned up (I'm the one who got to wear clean clothes today), and I'm having trouble finding the Y and Z keys on this keyboard.

In short, Delta bites, I forgot three rolls of film, everything is closed on Sunday in Budapest, but otherwise everything is quite lovely. We walked the length of Andrássy útca yesterday. I'm two and a half rolls into my film stash, but since I left two rolls of 400 home, I'm probably going to need to stop at a store to get more. Hopefully, I will have time tomorrow before we head to Tokaj. There are two stores by our hostel. We walked by one of them and I saw Kodak Professional film in the fridge, so I should be in good shape if I can get there before opening.