It's been a rough few weeks. Liz's grandmother has been in bad shape since a week or so before Christmas. Liz has been in Virginia since a week after Thanksgiving, first helping out after her mother's stroke, and more recently assisting her grandmother. I've been home trying to get our apartment into decent shape, broken by occasional travel. Liz's grandmother passed away on Monday, and the funeral was today. Now, she has somewhere between 6 days and two weeks to get her apartment cleared out. I will not be able to help much as I have to be back in Florida on Tuesday. In the meantime, I have managed to lose my cell phone. I think I left it in a restaurant last night, but no one found it there. We've searched the apartment and not found it, so it appears that I will have to replace it, at full price. It's not been the greatest week, but hopefully I'll be able to get out and finish the roll that's been in my camera far too long, and upload the pictures that have been sitting for far too long. There is also one bookshelf left to be assembled. Next week will be busy. This week was busy. It's always something.