We actually went out of our way to stop in Tulsa just so we could visit Oral Roberts University and see the enormous praying hands statue. We were not disappointed. Someone obviously wanted to say something with this statue, although I'm not sure the message communicated is the one they had in mind. The thing is downright creepy, the hands grasping, veins bulging, towards something in the sky. It really is a sight to behold.

The flag garden around it, on the other hand, is a much more peaceful symbol, and one I found more personally inspiring.

Regardless of how one feels about Roberts, the University, Christianity in general or fundamentalists in particular, or even the creepy statue, it is undeniable that ORU is host to some particularly stunning 1960s architecture. The chapel is practically out of this world and that's only the start. If in the area, it's well worth a stop and walk around campus for the architecture alone.

Lunch was at Cancun, a lovely Mexican restaurant we were directed to by a friend from the area. We arrived to find a small and simple but full room. The food was fairly standard U.S. Mexican restaurant fare, but well executed and priced low. One thing we have had trouble finding in Florida is good Mexican food. There is a lot of good South American and Caribbean food, but not much in the way of good Mexican. So, we took advantage of our drive through the Southwest by stopping here.