For the second day in a row, we went to a Roadfood recommended breakfast place around lunch time. This time, though, we actually missed breakfast and had to order off the lunch menu. FOr the second day in a row, we were also in a place where we helped bring down the average age. Although not quite so restricted to the older crowd (there were a couple groups of thirtysomethings there who looked they were on their lunch break) this time, Hob Nob Hill is in other ways similar to Millie's Pancake Haus. Perched in a hill above the San Diego airport, Hob Nob Hill has been serving the same food since 1944. I don't think they've changed the decor or the uniforms since then, either.

The menu is fairly standard American/Diner fare: a lot of sandwiches, grilled beef liver, roast turkey, chicken fried steak... The service is excellent. Hob Nob Hill employs a team serving method wherein tables are not assigned to individual servers. The entire team serves the entire dining room and they all split the tips. While this could be a disaster, this restaurant employs it to excellent results. The person who takes your order may or may not be the person who brings it or refills your coffee cup, but someone will be there to do it. It seems that whomever is in the kitchen when the food comes up brings it to the table. Whichever server passes by your table and notices the empty coffee cup will grab the pot and fill it. The food, while standard fare, is done exceedingly well. I have never had a restaurant Reuben as non-greasy as the one I had here. (I have, however, made them that way myself.)

In short, Hob Nob Hill is a pleasant, non-pretentious place to get an old-style American meal.