Again, I don't have a lot of pictures here. Most of my Grand Canyon pics were film, and black and white at that. I haven't sent any of the black & white stuff off to the lab yet, as I want to send that to a different lab and I had a roll still in the camera when I got home. That will probably go off right before I go to Buffalo, just to make sure it doesn't come back while we're gone.

The drive from the Grand Canyon to Albuquerque was uneventful, if long. We spent more time (naturally) at the Grand Canyon than originally intended, making for another long evening. We stopped in Flagstaff for dinner at a burger place I've forgotten the name of. Nevermind, it wasn't particularly memorable, except that it wasn't the cleanest place I've been in and you had to walk through the bar next door to get to the bathrooms.

We arrived late in Albuquerque, but somehow managed a decent night's sleep. Breakfast was at the 66 Diner, which I cannot recommend highly enough. My soup was amazing. Dessert (rhubarb pie) was amazing. Liz's pumpkin pie shake was amazing. My chicken and dumplings were good. Yes, only good. In most places this would not look bad by comparison, and they really were pretty good. But since everything else was so excellent, they were disappointing. Service was very quick and cordial. I would not hesitate to return here. But I will avoid the chicken and dumplings.

The drive from Albuquerque was rather dull, except for some crazy wind in western New Mexico, which I managed to capture on Cell Phone Cam.