We had dinner on day 2 at Wintzell's Oyster House in Mobile, AL. As is often the case, I found the place on Roadfood. Wintzell's is on a corner in what looks like a small historic/shopping area in Mobile. Inside, the walls are plastered with sayings from floor to ceiling. Apparently, the place has been sold to some company that is franchising it. The food, however, was excellent. Liz had an insane oyster combo plate that had oysters cooked four different ways. I opted for the soft-shell crab po'boy and the seafood gumbo. The po'boy wiped the walls with the shrimp po'boy I had in New Orleans. That was a dry roll with some fried breaded shrimp thrown on. This one had a nice toasted roll, tomato, lettuce, and a nice fried crab. The gumbo was also very good. At least as good as what I had at Mulate's in New Orleans, if not better. I have no pictures because the lighting was too low for cell phone cam. I shot half a roll outside with the film camera. Many were of some building downtown with interesting lighting. Hopefully one or two of them turn out.