Unfortunately, our travel schedule necessitated a very short stay in San Antonio. However, we did manage to squeeze in two meals. The first was at Olmos Pharmacy, on the corner of McCullough and Hildebrand. When I was previously here, it was still an actual pharmacy and drug store, with a breakfast/lunch counter. It was a good place to get a good, cheap meal. When we arrived this time, Liz noticed a sign advertising wifi. We walked in and the whole half of the building that was the drug store was cleared out and tables put in. The pharmacy was replaced with what looks like a wine bar. It appears that Olmos Pharmacy is now a full-time restaurant. While unfortunate, the food is still reasonably good and reasonably cheap, although a touch more expensive. Still a good place for breakfast in San Antonio.

Following our breakfast adventure, we headed to the Alamo. I have no cell phone pictures, but I shot most of a roll, so I should have a few good ones eventually.

Lunch was at Bill Miller BBQ, a San Antonio institution. Over the years, they've gone from one location to 49 in San Antonio (and a few each in Austin and Corpus Christi). There's a Bill Miller BBQ every 50 feet in San Antonio. They're more ubiquitous than Starbucks. They're a cafeteria-style restaurant as is popular in South Florida. They feature chicken, brisket, sausage, ham and turkey, along with a few sides including beans, rice, potatoes, hashbrowns and cole slaw. The food isn't great, but it's not bad. I had the three meat plate with sausage, brisket and ham. The ham was nothing special. The brisket was good, but it could have been smoked a bit more. The sausage, however, was quite good if a bit greasy. It was a kielbasa-type sausage, so grease comes with the territory. I wouldn't eat a whole meal of it, so I recommend some of it with the brisket. Liz had a chicken po'boy that was quite good. The chicken was a touch dry, but good nonetheless. Hashbrowns and beans were also good. I do miss the Dinosaur, though. I haven't had much as good since I left Syracuse. Hopefully we'll hit some more barbecue joints on the way back through Texas.