Lunch in Las Cruces was at Nellie's, a little Mexican breakfast/lunch place that's been around forever. (Breakfast was a large coffee and dodgy croissant from the Starbucks by the hotel). It's tucked away off the main road in a small industrial-looking district. However, there was no shortage of people who found there way to Nellie's. The place was almost full when we got there. We were lucky enough to get a small table in the corner. I ordered water and coffee, as the large Starbucks was not quite enough. After browsing the menu, I decided that first, we needed to try the guacamole. Second, I decided to order enough food for two people, as I wanted to try the chile, and the "Menudo," a beef tripe and hominy soup.

Right after we ordered, they brought chips and a salsa that was hot enough for us to question ordering the green (4 chile) chile rather than the red (2 chile). The guacamole came soon after and was very good. This tastes like they actually make the stuff fresh in the restaurant. It was also covered with grated cheese, which was different than I'd had before, but good.

Next was the green chile plate, with beans and rice. The beans and rice were good, a step above what I usually receive in restaurants. The chile was excellent. I commented to Liz that I need to learn how to make that stuff. Good texture, nice flavor, spicy without ripping your face off. Very good. It's worth the trek out if you're anywhere in the area just for the chile.

While I was in the middle of the chile plate, the Menudo arrived. It was a tomato and beef broth, similar to what would be the base for a vegetable beef soup, with lots of hominy and pieces of beef tripe. The soup was excellent. It was nicely spiced, the tripe and hominy gave it an interesting texture. Good stuff. I was only able to eat about half of it, though, as I had ordered entirely too much food.