Some readers may know (ok, if you got the URL for this, you know) we're currently on a cross-country drive to Los Angeles for a wedding. We, of course, live in Hollywood, FL and we'll be staying near Hollywood, CA. So, the name and theme of our trip is Hollywood to Hollywood.

We're a good three days in now, but this is the first I've had access to a decent network connection. I'll toss up as much as possible right now, and then add more when we're in Tucson tonight.

I've brought along my new (to me) Pentax K-1000, and I'm shooting a bunch of photos. Until the film gets off and back from the lab, though, you'll have to live with cell phone pics. The first one was taken at Havana in West Palm Beach, our favorite Cuban restaurant. We stopped here on Friday night for sandwiches. Havana has an all-night sandwich counter and a couple of benches outside. It, along with Howleys, has become a traditional stopping point on the way anywhere, or for late night dining following a show (such as the recent Henry Rollins two-night stand). Tonight the Media Noche were quite good, the mango milkshakes were excellent and the mariquitos con mojo were, as always, incredibly messy.